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Encyclopedia Britannica

Mr. Donn - Ancient Rome for Kids
History for Kids - Ancient Rome
BBC -Romans

The Roman Empire in the 1st Century


Impact on Today:

10 Contributions of Ancient Rome
Rome: Yesterday and Today


All Topics

Encyclopedia Britannica
Facts on File
Mr. Dowling’s Middle Ages
Medieval History for Kids
Medieval Europe
Middle Ages, Chivalry, and Knighthood
Medieval Times and Castles - Castles, Warfare, Medieval Life

Castles, Knights and Weapons

Types of Castles
Castles, Weapons, and Castle Life
Castles of Wales
Knights and Armor
Crusades – Eyewitness Accounts

Festivals, Daily Life, Technology, Medicine, Religion, and Social Groups

Technology in the Middle Ages
Life in a Medieval Castle
Medieval Life – Food, Chivalry
Exploring Medieval Times – includes beasts, medicine, religion, ballads
Black Death
Pictures of Medieval Costumes

Medicine and Health in the Middle Ages

Medieval Art

Gothic Art
Medieval Architecture
Images of Gothic and Romanesque Architecture

African Empires

Encyclopedia Britannica
Facts on File Database
Easier to read websites for background
Mr. Dowling’s Ghana and Mali
Africa for Kids – Ghana, Mali, Songhay
West African Kingdoms – Ghana, Mali, Songhay
Empires of Western Sudan
Ghana Empire
Ancient Ghana
Empires of Mali and Ghana
Mali Empire
Mali Empire and Djenne Figures
Smithsonian on Mali
Songhai Empire
Links and Maps

China and Japan

Encyclopedia Britannica
Facts on File 


China - History for Kids
Chinese Culture
Silk History
Chinese Silk
PBS on Zheng He
Zheng He – China Culture
Chinese Inventions
Chinese Inventions from the Franklin Institute
Chinese Inventions - Enchanted Learning
Chinese Inventions - E How


Japanese Culture (all topics) - Japanese National Tourist Organization
Web-Japan (all topics)
Noh Theater
Noh Theater on Artelino
Kabuki Theater
Kabuki Theater for Kids
Bunraku Puppets
Japanese Gardens
Photos of Japanese Zen Gardens
Zen Gardens
Historical Japanese Gardens
Japan Guide to Gardens
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Samurai Archives
Japanese Clothing
Japanese Art, Literature and Music


Smithsonian on the Mughals
Mughal Architecture
Mughal Art and Architecture
Taj Mahal

Ottoman Empire

Islamic Culture
Art of the Ottomans
The Ottomans
Oriental Rugs

Maya, Aztec, and Inca Civilizations

Encyclopedia Britannica
Facts on File
Incas, Aztecs and Mayan Culture
Ancient Middle America (scroll down for links)
Mayan and Aztec Calendars
Technology and Society (includes many topics for all three cultures)
Civilization in America: Aztecs
Ancient Aztec Civilization on Kids Konnect
Mayan Ruins
Daily Life of the Mayans
Daily Life of the Incas
Civilizations in America: Incas


Encyclopedia Britannica
Facts on File
Renaissance – All Topics
Mr. Dowling’s Renaissance – All Topics
Annenberg – Trade, Art, Architecture, Humanism
Fashion in the 15-16th Century
Elizabethan Era Costume
Renaissance Man – Leonardo da Vinci
Art History Resources on the Web
Art Gallery
Vatican Library and Renaissance Culture

Hinduism and Buddhism

Exploring Religions - Hinduism and Buddhism
World Religions


BBC on Hinduism
Hinduism Exhibit at Natural History Museum
History of Hinduism
Beliefs of Hinduism
Hinduism for Schools


BBC on Buddhism
Intro to Buddhism
Introduction to Buddhism
Buddhist Ceremonies
Buddhism Timeline
Brief History of Buddhism
About Buddhism

Biographies of U.S. Presidents

White House Biographies
The Presidents
Presidents at School Atlas
PBS American Experience – The Presidents
Internet Public Library Presidents Online
Presidential Museums
Presidential Museums and Libraries