Standing Tall As One

Principal - Dr. Valentine

Welcome to John Adams Middle School 

Walking through the hallways of John Adams Middle School, the collaboration of close to 1,000 Knights as they debate, investigate, analyze, question, problem-solve and surf their way through the exploration of learning is prevalent! The focus of John Adams Middle School is to provide the knowledge, skills, and values our students require to be successful learners and leaders in the 21st Century. The John Adams Knights are lead by a support staff of 100 educational leaders, many with advanced degrees. Our diverse student population exposes learners to a multi-cultural community of learners whose values, customs, languages, and experiences are all accepted and celebrated.
The academic arena at John Adams Middle School is filled with a comprehensive, differentiated curriculum that meets the needs of all learners and challenges students, while providing the proper support, to reach their full potential. The team concept within each grade level provides opportunities for self-discovery and growth; students learn about one another and build relationships that are nurtured and endured.  Classrooms are filled with interactive, wireless technology that support hands-on, authentic learning experiences – reflecting future promises of workplace readiness. Teachers are excited to deliver innovative lessons just as students are eager to learn!

Whether interested in becoming athletes, artists, musicians, writers, scientists, and environmentalists, there is something for everyone at John Adams Middle School. Students showcase their talents and interests both in and out of the classroom setting through their participation in the plethora of extra-curricular activities available to them. Our school has a literary magazine, school newspaper, Student Council, band, orchestra, chess club, peer helpers, and school store. John Adams Middle School believes that children need to be involved in order to become well-rounded and productive citizens.

John Adams Middle School embodies a sense of community and belonging that students, staff, and parents foster and enjoy. The six pillars of character shine through student interactions daily; their knowledge of these pillars becomes obvious through their respect and understanding for one another. Learning to celebrate one another for similarities and differences is what makes John Adams Middle School extraordinary!
Dr. Valentine


Dr. Valentine, Principal