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Anti-Bullying Information

Public Schools of Edison Township

School Supervision Plan

John Adams Middle School
1081 New Dover Road
Edison, New Jersey 08820

Arrival Procedures: 

  • Mrs. Valentine will have the custodians place orange safety cones at 7:30 AM across the far end of the main parking lot to prevent cars from cutting through the lot. A security guard will assist with morning traffic daily. (Repeat driving offenses will be reported to Edison Police).
  • Parents dropping off students must use the main parking lot and drop students off along the curb near the gymnasium; only after all buses arrive (8:20 AM) are parents permitted to drop students in the front of the school at the bus pavilion. 
  • AM duty staff will report to their assigned entrances at 8:15 AM.
  • Students arriving to school by bus will be asked to walk to their appropriate grade level entrance; they will line up in an orderly manner to ensure cooperation, communication, and safety. The bus drivers will check each bus to be sure that all students have exited safely. 
  • The entrance bell will sound at 8:20 AM, allowing students to enter the building. Teachers supervise the orderly entrance of students into the building, at their lockers, and into their assigned homerooms locations. 
  • Students requiring medical assistance during the AM hours will enter the main doors and report to the nurse’s office until 8:20 AM.
  • All staff will supervise the orderly entrance of students into the building, at their lockers, and into their assigned homerooms locations. 
  • At 8:25 AM a warning announcement is given to alert students they have 5 minutes to report to their homeroom locations.
  • At 8:30 AM and after all buses have left the parking lot, all entry doors are closed and locked. 
  • Students report to homeroom after unpacking belongings and securing them in locked lockers. 
  • Homeroom teachers will take attendance.
  • All visitors to the building must ring the security bell and report to the main office. A valid drivers license must be brought to the building per District Security Regulation. 

Dismissal Procedures: 

  • At 3:00 PM, the dismissal bell sounds and staff members assemble along the length of the front sidewalk where the buses park to assist with the safe transport of students from school. Students may not board a bus unless the driver is present and will not depart until all passengers are orderly and seated.
  • Teachers remaining within the building enter the hallways to supervise an orderly exit from the building.
  • Parents picking up students must use the main parking lot and pick students up along the curb near the gymnasium; only after all buses depart (3:15 PM) are parents permitted to pick students up in the front of the school at the bus pavilion. 
  • Bus departure begins at approximately 3:07 when the first vehicle loaded proceeds away from the curb and to the end of the front sidewalk. At this point, drivers must allow the buses to depart onto New Dover Road before any other drivers leave the lot.
  • Any student in need of special consideration will be allowed telephone use or be escorted to their particular mode of transportation.
  • Faculty supervision continues until all pupils board their particular bus and will assemble under the front overhang during late arrivals or wait in the building should inclement weather prevail.
  • Video surveillance assists/monitors all outside activity. Any disruptive behavior will be reported to building administration; careless or unsafe driving will be reported to Edison police.
  • Faculty supervision continues until the last bus departs. Students who miss their bus are required to contact their rides or are issued passes to utilize the late bus. Schedule/route/traffic difficulties should be directed to the proper transportation provided.


Lunch Room Supervision:
The Principal, Assistant Principals, and staff will adhere to the following procedures for student supervision in the lunch room.

  • A teacher on duty must take a walkie-talkie from the main office if one is available.
  • Students will walk to the cafeteria and seat themselves at their assigned lunch tables.
  • The first lunch will be from 11:11 – 11:40 Grade 6 , The second lunch will be from 12:01 – 12:30 Grade 7 , The third lunch will be from 12:51 – 1:20 Grade 8
  • Two or three teachers assigned to lunch duty, along with the Principal and Assistant Principals, will be available in emergencies or whenever a difficult situation arises.
  • Students choose specific seats in the beginning of the school year and will be required to use the same seats each day.
  • Permit the students to talk quietly; however, loud and boisterous behavior should not be tolerated. If you encounter difficulty in quieting the children or are uncertain as to how to handle a particular situation, consult with the Principal or Assistant Principals.
  • Lunchroom aides will be responsible for specific areas during the lunch time and will share a general responsibility for the entire lunch period. Reasonable quiet and good table manners are to be constantly stressed.
  • Aides will be expected to remain with the children for whom they are responsible at all times, circulating among them and dealing with incidents before they become difficult problems.
  • Do not allow children to wander freely about the room. Children may leave their seats only with the supervising person’s permission. Students will be called by section to clean their section. Stress that all tables and floors must be clean before the children will be permitted to leave the lunchroom. Classes should be dismissed, by sections, only after their tables and floors are clean, and their chairs have been pushed in.
  • Do not permit more than two boys and two girls to use the lavatories at one time. Students must obtain a pass before leaving the cafeteria.


After-School Activities :

  • The Principal and staff will adhere to the following procedures for student attendance to after-school activities.
  • All staff will wait for students in assigned locations by 3:10pm.
  • All students should report to their assigned location by 3:15pm.
  • Students will stay in supervised location with staff member until dismissed at specified time.
  • At the end of each club/activity, students will be escorted to appropriate exit and supervised by staff member until students leave using their assigned method of transportation (ie. walker, bus, parent pick-up).
  • Staff will actively supervise all students until they leave school property. 


Other than Parent/Guardian Picking Up Students :

  • Office staff will check Genesis to ensure the adult is an approved emergency contact
  • All community members must have a New Jersey Drivers Lisence per District Policy
  • The person picking up the student must sign the student out on the yellow form in the front office


Parents must escort their child to school and discuss the Medical Needs with the nurse. A Doctor's note must be provided to the nurse. 

The Students

  • report to the Nurse’s Office during homeroom for the period of time that they are medically excused from their physical education classes
  • are assigned helpers from lists provided by the teachers
  • are given passes to leave their classes 3-5 minutes early
  • are assigned to Student Responsibilty Center (SRC) during their physical education period until they can return to gym as recommended by their private physicians
  • with crutches are assigned to ISS during the period(s) they have upstairs classes until accommodations are made to move their class/classes to the first floor
  •  with injuries to their arm, wrist or fingers and who play instruments asmembers of the school band or orchestra are not allowed to play until recommended by their private physicians
  •  who are members of the choir stand on the floor (not on the risers) for choir practice, programs and field trips
  • are seated on the first row of the risers in the gym during any class/school assembly programs
  • may or may not attend field trips based on the requested recommendation from their private physicians
  • and their helpers receive instruction from the school nurse regarding the importance of the established safety procedures related to injuries and the importance of following the procedures