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Middle & High School Math Grouping Procedures


Placement Criteria

The focus of mathematics education in today’s world is to engage students in learning the mathematical content that is necessary to advance students in the curriculum while also connecting mathematics to other curricular areas and the the world around us.  The mathematical standards continue to focus on achieving the central goal of enabling ALL of New Jersey’s children to acquire problem solving strategies and a conceptual understanding of mathematics to be successful in the 21st Century.

  • Students at JAMS are required to successfully complete a mathematics course in grades 6, 7, and 8.  Student placement is based upon several data points such as classroom performance, district criteria and aptitude. All courses are aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards formerly known as the Common Core Content Standards for Mathematics.
  • Mathematics teachers at JAMS have an excellent and thorough knowledge of mathematics.  They each utilize differentiated instructional strategies to tailor instruction to meet individual needs of students.  There are several in-service programs and workshops that are conducted throughout the year to assure professional growth for all of our teachers.
  • Mathematics teachers expose students to essential 21st Century Skills such as problem solving/critical thinking, collaboration and communication which will prepare students for higher education.  Furthermore, they skillfully utilize technology to enhance instruction while also infusing problem based learning activities to foster these essential 21st Century Skills.
  • JAMS Mathematics Department is committed to providing all students with the opportunity and support necessary to learn, explore, and apply mathematics.  In this ever changing world, students who have a solid understanding and foundation of mathematics, will have multiple opportunities to pursue STEM careers.